Private Brazil F. Estes

 Genealogical Information
Provided by the Estill County Historical Society

Brazil F. Estes was born August 4, 1820 in Estill County, Kentucky, later Lee County  Kentucky, on the mouth of Big Sturgeon Creek, on the Kentucky River.  He was married to Amanda Burns at Tate Springs, Tenn  and Sally Steadman in Grainger County, Tenn.  Sally died  February 25, 1894.  Brazil was the father of the following children:  Penny Green b. 11-22-1877, James William b. 4-14-1888, Thomas b. 10-7-1882, Charlie b. 5-7-1885, Mary Bessie b.9-13-1888, John Preston b. 1-13-1890, and Willy Idol b. 7-4-1892.


                Brazil enlisted as a Private n Co. K, 8th Ky, on 9-1-1861 under Captain Henry C. Thomas and re-enlisted to Co. D.8th KY on 1-4-1864 and was later transferred to Co. I, 4th Ky in 1/1865.   Brazil was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga, Tenn., by gunshot wound to left arm and breast.  “At the Battle of Chickamauga, we were surrounded by the enemy.  In our retreat we had to break through the lines.  I got behind a tree and my regiment left me.  I fell in with the 19th Regiment and while breaking through their lines I was shot in the left arm, the ball passing through the arm and entering my breast below the collar bone.  It still remains there.”


                Brazil was treated at the Murfreesboro Hospital number 1 for 18 weeks and at Corps Hospital number 2 at Macon Ga for four weeks, which was located in a large brick house on the north side of town.  He later was discharged from the hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn on 8-18-1863 with nearly total deafness in both ears.


                According to Brazil Estes’ pension papers he was 5’8” tall.  Weight 140lbs. Fair complexion, blue eyes, red sandy hair.


                Brazil was discharged from the Union Army, Co. I 4th Ky on 8-5-1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.  He lived to be 89 years old at his death on April 8, 1910.