Private Hiram Lunsford

Military Career

Private Hiram Lunsford
Company B

Enrolled September 27, 1861 at Estill Springs for 3 years. He was 24 years old
Muster in January 15, 1862 at Lebanon Ky

September 23 - Dec 31 1861

Jan 1862 - Aug 24, 1862

Aug 24, 1862
Sent to Murfreesboro to hospital

Sept - Oct 62
"left sick between Wildcat and Mt. Vernon Oct 22, 1862"

Nov Dec 1862
"Without Leave"

Jan Feb 1863
"Without leave from on or about Oct 20, 1862"

April 10, 1863
Absent without leave

June 9, 1863
Muster and Descriptive Roll of detachment, deserters, stragglers, and other soldiers, forwarded to their regiments by military commander stationed at Indianapolis.

States that Private Lunsford was born in Clay County Kentucky, 27 years old, Farmer, Black eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5ft 11inches tall, transport from Indianapolis to Nashville costs $9.61

June 30, 1864
"Forfeiture of pay proper 8 months by sentence of Court Martial also 8 do for expense of arrest"
He was tried in McMinnville Tennessee for desertion

Nov Dec 1863

Mar Apr 1864
"Detached as Post Ordnance officer April 21, 1864"

Mar-Apr 1864
Ordnance Corps Detachment @ Ordnance Depot, Chattanooga Tn.
Joined April 17, 1864
Order of Major General Thomas

Muster Out
Chattanooga Tennessee
November 17, 1864