Sgt. Fielding Pope Wood

Genealogical information

Fielding Pope WOOD was born in 1821 in Kentucky.

Fielding Pope WOOD was married to Martha A. "Patsey" TUGGLE on 18 Nov 1839

in Winchester, KY. Martha A. "Patsey" TUGGLE was born in 1823. She died

between 1870 and 1880. Fielding Pope WOOD and Martha A. "Patsey" TUGGLE

had the following children:

I. James T. WOOD was born in 1841. Here is picture of troops on

Lookout Mountain in the days after the Charge.  James Wood is the second

from the left.

II. John N. WOOD was born in 1843.

III. Francis M. WOOD was born in 1849. He died in Jun 1860. Had been ill

for 9 years with consumption.

IV. Lucy WOOD was born in 1850.

V. William Henry WOOD was born on 27 Feb 1853. He was a Justice of the

Peace after 9 Nov 1883 in Estill Co., KY.

VI. Nancy J. WOOD was born on 27 Jul 1857.

VII. Fielding Rupard WOOD was born in 1861.