1st Lieutenant Thomas Edgar Park

Military Career

Enrolled at Estill Springs 9/23/1861 at age of 20years for 3 years or the war.
Mustered in at Lebanon Kentucky on 1/15/1862 as 4th Corporal in Company C

Sept23 - Dec31 1861
Not stated - assumed present

Sept23 - Feb28, 1862
Not Stated - assumed present

Mar-Apr 1862

May-June 1862

Apr30 - Aug31 1862

Aug31-Dec31 1862

Jan-Feb 1863
Remarks:  "Appointed Sergeant Major from 4th Corporal 2/28/1863"

Jan-Feb 1863
Field and Staff Muster Roll
Remarks:  "Promoted to Sergt Maj, Feby 28th 1863 *was Corporal before Pro.
* appears on roll in red ink.

March-Apr 1863

Individual Muster In Roll
listed as 1st Lieutenant and 21 years old.
June 1, 1863 at Murfreesboro TN
Remarks:  "Discharged as Sgt Major 8th Ky Foot Vols by Special Field Order No.______  June 1863 HdQtrs 21st AC.  DC to date from May 31, 1863 to accept an appt as 1LT & Adj Vice Clark promoted.

Feb28 - June 30 1863

July-Aug 1863

June 30 - Oct 31 1863

Nov-Dec 1863

Jan- Feb 1864

March-Apr 1864

May-June 1864

July-Aug 1864

Sept-Oct 1864

Company Muster Out Roll
Chattanooga TN, 11/17/1864

Individual Muster Out Roll
Chattanooga TN, 11/17/1864
Listed as 33 years old(?)

Notes from Record: 

"Head Quarters 2nd Brig, 1st Div, 4th AC
Shellmoung Tenn.  January 21st 1864

Brig Genl, Wm D. Whipple
Asst Adjt Genl
Dept Cumberland(?)


                                                    Expect to be relieved from duty as A.A.Ag of the brigade in three or four days, I must respectfully ask a leave of absence of twenty(20) days before I return to my regiment as Adjutant knowing that my services can be easily spared with the regiment for the length of time named, there being an intelligent Lieutenant now acting adjutant.
        I may be permitted to state also that I have been energetic in procurring enlistments in the veteran service in my regiment(8thKy).
        I have been in the service for over two years and have never been absent from my regiment niether with or without leave but have been always able for duty and have always endeavored to do it.
        My mother is in very feeble health and very much desires to see me.  Hoping this will reach the favorable consideration of the Dept Commander,  I am most respectfully,
                        Your Obt Servant
                        T. Edgar Park
                        Adjutant 8th Ky Vol. Inf and AAAG 2d Brig, 1stDiv, 4th AC.
PO Address
Irvine Ky"

"                                            HdQtrs 8th Ky Infty
                                                                        Jany 21, 1864
                The above statements are true.  Adjt Park is a deserving officer and has proven himself to be Adjt on many battle fields and in his office where he always closely attended to his business.  He has never been absent from the regiment a single day since his enlistment as a private in Company A in September in 1861.  His services for the time named can be spared in the regt and it is my (something) hope the Dept Commander will grant the leave.  There are no officers absent from the regiment on leave, two applications pending.  There will be twenty-one officers for duty with the regiment if this leave is granted.  Adjt Park highly deserves this indulgence.
                                                                                                                                    John Wilson
                                                                                                                                    Capt, Commndg 8th Ky Infty"






"Head Quarters 2nd Brigade, 1st Divis 4th Army Corp
Shell Moung, Jany 21, 1864

Lt. Park is a most competent and gallant officer and I trust on account of his valuable services in behalf of the cause, that his request will be granted.  He was very active in the recruiting the men of his Regt.  The Regt, having failed to obtain 3/4 will not, as an organization, go home on furlough.  he therefore cannot go, unless his application is granted.

Respectfully Forwarded

S.W. Price
Col.  Comdg 2nd Brig"