Col. Sidney M. Barnes

Military Career

Sidney M. Barnes, Colonel

Enrolled at Estill Springs on 8/26/1861, he was 40 years old.
Mustered in at Lebanon, KY on 1/15/1862

Remarks: "When paid the months pay by the State of Kentucky I claimed forage for four horses and was allowed for only three. I now claim the difference on this Roll. Sid M. Barnes, Colonel"

Jan & Feb 1862

Sept & Oct 1862

May & June 1862

Aug 31 to Dec 31 1862
Remarks: " Absent with leave from Dept Hq dated Dec 7 for 20 days and on his return to the Regiment was by Special order no 29 from Hd Qts Louisville Barracks dated Dec 31, 62 placed in command of a convalescent regiment from Louisville to Nashville"

Jan & Feb 1862

March & Apr 1862
Remarks: "Detached as Commander 3rd Brig, 3rd Division, 21 Corps"

Feb 28 to June 30, 1863
Remarks: "Detached to command 3rd Brigade, 3 Division, 21st Corp"

July & Aug 1863
Remarks: Same as above

Nov & Dec 1863
Remarks: "Detached to command 2nd Brig, 1 Div, 4th Corp"

5/1/1863 Murfreesboro Tenn.
Assumed command of the 3-3-21 on April 14, 1863 at Murfreesboro

June 1 1863
Commanding Brigade

July 1, 1863
Commanding Brigade

July 31, 1863
McMinnville Tenn
Commanding Brigade

Aug 31 1863
Pikeville Tenn
Commanding Brigade

September 30, 1863
Chattanooga, Tenn
Commanding Brigade

Record and Pension Office
June 11, 1895
"Under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved June 3, 1884, and the acts amendatory thereof, this officer is considered by this Department as commissioned to the grade of Colonel, 8 Regt, Kentucky Infantry to take effect November 25, 1861 to fill original vacancy"

2nd Brig, 1st Div, 4th Corp
Department of the Cumberland
Shellmound Tenn

Assumed command Dec 8, 1863
"Appears on RETURNS as follows:

Jan to Feb 1863 Absent

Detailed on General Court Martial by order of Col Beatty Commanding 3rd Division Jany 27th/63

April to Sept 1863
Absent detached to command 3brig, 3rd div, 21st Corp.

Oct to Nov 1863

Dec 1863
Detached to command 2nd brigade, 1st dvi, 4th Corp

Jan 1864
Resigned Jan 11, 1864"


Request for Leave

"Headquarters, 8th Regt Ky Vols Inf                                                                                    
Camp near Nashville Tenn November 29th 1862
Lt Col Arthur C Ducah, Acting Chief 
Of Genl Rosecran's Staff  
Department of the Cumberland


I have for a considerable time past laboured under a disease of the kidneys {something}, also rhuematism all of which together give me considerable trouble and really unfit me for service and especially for active duty. I have however been with my Command and laboured faithfully since I entered the service(Sept 6th 1861) and regret now to say to you that absence from my command and the service essentially necessary to the recovery of my health and future service. I earnestly desire to continue in the service of my government if possible.

I therefore must respectfully ask that leave of absence be granted me from onlyfor the period of thirty days.

I have a competent Lieut Col and Major present to conduct matters connected with my Regiment and command it. I herewith refer to Surgeon’s Certificate as Evidencein support of my case.

Respectfully, Your ob’ Servant
#Sid M. Barnes#, Col
8th Regiment Kentucky Vol Infantry"

Surgeon’s Certificate

"Col. Sid M. Barnes of the 8th Regiment Kentucky Vol Infantry have applied for a certificate on which to ground an application for leave of absence. I do herby certify that I have carefully examined this officer and find him laboring under disease of the kidneys to a very serious extent(Nephritis) under which he has labored for the past 3 months. Laos a cutaneous disease which renders him unfit for duty. Also accute rheumatism. I further decaler my feeling that he will not be able to resume his duties in a less period than thrity days and that a leave of absence in necessary to prevent the reoccurence of chronic disease and premature injury to his health.

Dated this 2nd day of Dec 1862
L Russell
Camp near Nashville, Tenn
Acting Surgeon
8th Regt Ky Vol Inf.

Approved and recommended
M.C. Woodworth
Act. Med Officer
23rd Brigade"


{There is a great letter at the end of his record talking about how he must immediately return to Estill county to tend to his personal business. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between an attorney friend of Col Barnes and his brother. His brother was to handle his personal affairs and his friend was to handle his professional affairs. Professional affairs were overlooked. His legal partner was suddenly stricken with an illness and died. Col. Barnes had to return to Kentucky to preserve his families wealth. I believe this was the reason for his resignation. The letter was dated March 6, 1863}

Officer’s Casualty Sheet
Resigned on January 11, 1864.