Chaplain Timothy S. Paul

Military Record

Enrolled 11/13/1861 at Estill Springs  at the age of 24 years.
Mustered in at Lebanon Kentucky, January 15, 1862 for 3 years or the war.

Dec 31, 1861
not stateed but assumed Present

Jan-Feb 1862

May-June 1862

Sept- Oct 1862
Remarks:  "He claims to have been detailed in Hospital at Nashville but no orders to that effect are on file in Regiment"

Aug31 - Dec31 1862
Not Stated
Remarks:  "Resigned and resignation accepted Dec 2, 1862

Notes from Record:

Record and Pension Office
War Department
Washington, Dec 28, 1897

Under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved Feb 24, 1897, this officer is held and considered by the Department to have been mustered into the service of the United States in the grade of Chaplain of the 8th Kentucky Infty to take effect from 11/24/1861 to fill an original vacancy."

"Timothy S Paul Chaplain of 8th Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers asks leave of absence from his regiment ten days to go to his home in Clay County, KY, 125 miles for the following reasons, Since I entered the service and RECENTLY my house and all its contents were burnt together with most of my familys wearing apparel.  Consequently my family have been rendered destitute & are upon the charity of other for shelter and food.  a portion of my family are quite sick.  It is absolutely necessary that I should go home and provide them a house & supply them with necessary comforts.  It will take eight days to make the journey on horseback the only mode of travel, no mail(possibly rail) facilities worth anything to point.  I then want two days at home to provide for my family when I will promptly return to my regt. 

I hope the Commander of the Department of the Ohio will grant me the leave.  8th day of March 1862  Respectfully
                                                                                                                            Timothy S Paul
                                                                                                                             Chaplain 8th Regiment Ky           

                                                                            "Headquarters 8th Ky Vols Infantry
                                                                            On the Murfreesboro Road
                                                                            Nov 29, 1862
                                                                            Lieut Col R. May Commanding 8th Ky Vols

                                                                                        Sir, the undersigned Timothy S Paul, Chaplain of this regiment would respectfully respresent to you and through you to his superior officers in command that his family at his home in Ky are in want of the necessary assistance and demand very urgently his presince with them.  So that it would be doing them great illconvenience to remain longer from them.
            He therefore the said T.S. Paul Chaplain as aforesaid, hereby tenders to your his resignation of his said office and commission of Chaplain and asks that the same be accepted and that he be discharged the service.
                                                                                            Very Respectfully
                                                                                             Timothy S Paul, Chaplain
                                                                                             8th Ky Vol Infantry"