Surgeon John R. Pirtle

Military Record


Enrolled at Lebanon Ky 1/12/1862
Mustered into service 1/15/1862 in Lebanon

Dec31, 1861
Not stated assumed Present

Jan-Feb 1862

May-June 1862
Remarks:  "Detailed at Gen'l Hospital in Nashville Tenn by Special Order No 12 "Extract" from HdQtrs Army of the Ohio, Nashville Tenn March 26, 1862."

Sept-Oct 1862
Remarks: "Det'd at Gen Hosp in Nashville by special order no 12 extract from HdQtrs Army of the Ohio."

Jan 1863
Discharged 12/23/62 on Resignation.

Aug31 - Dec 31 1862
Remarks:  "Detld at Gen Hosp in Nashville by Special Order No 12 Extract from Dept Hd Qtrs his resignation by special field order no 28 of Dec 23, 1862.  Dept HQ is accepted to take effect when successor is appointed."

Notes from Record:

"Nashville Tenn, Dec 19th 1862
Col S.P. Gareschl
A.A.G.V. Chief of Staff
                        I hereby tender my resignation of the office of surgeon of the 8th Regiment Ky Foot Vols on account of such a degree of ill health as to be unfil for active service, to take effect as soon as my successor can be appointed.
                                Jno. R. Pirtle
                                Surgeon, 8th Ky Foot Vols.

I hereby certify that 1st, I am not indebted to the United States 2nd, that I have no government property in my possession 3rd that I have not been absent without leave.  4th was last paid by Major Ewell up to the 31st of August 1862 and that there are no charges against me which may effect my pay.

Nashville Tenn                                                Jno. R Pirtle, Surgeon
Dec 20th 1862                                                8th Regiment of Ky Foot Vols."

"I have examined Surgeon J.R. Pirtle, 8th Regt Ky Vols and find him suffering from Subacute Nephritis(?) of nearly a years duration.  The (something) is attended with (something something) and I am of opinion that a cure is not to be expected while he continues in the service.  he is also laboring under a severe attack of hemorroids.
Nashville Dec 19, 1862                                    Robert (Something)
                                                                        Surgeon 1Med (something)
                                                                        in charge Genl Hosp No. 7"