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Welcome to Kentucky Regiments!

There are some wonderful stories coming from the American Civil War and Kentucky in particular. The whole "Brother against Brother" thing isn't just cliche', it's a fact in Kentucky. It's the North versus South thing that isn't exactly accurate in Kentucky. The eastern part of the state, particularly the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, was generally loyal to the Union. The western part of the state, particularly the Jackson Purchase area, was generally loyal to the Confederacy. I say "generally" because there are notable exceptions to both rules. Lexington, while it is east of the timezone line, was strongly aligned with the Confederacy maybe because of the lifestyle that closely mirrored that of the more southern states but more likely because the Confederate legends John Hunt Morgan and Basil Duke were prominent citizens prior to the war.

Attention Lost Confederates!
If you are looking for the 8th KY CSA Regiment you have wandered into the wrong camp. To visit your fellow brave soldiers who fought for the Confederacy, visit their fine site located at: