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Military Record

Transcribed from Microfilm for Freeman, Granville M

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Age at Enlistment: 0Rank at Enlistment: Enlistment Location: Enlistment Date:
Muster Location: Muster In Date: Company:


Muster PeriodStatus
NOV_DEC_64absent, veteran furlough
JAN_FEB_65absent, veteran furlough
MAR_APR_65Absent without leave since 4/10/65
MAY_JUN_65present, chg 1 knapsack, haversack, canteen
JUL_AUG_65present, see notes
SEP_OCT_65present, chg 1 knapsack, haversack, canteen

Notes from Musters and assorted items found at end of record:
transferred from 19th Ky

JUL_AUG_65: Restored to duty by SO no 20 Hd Qrs Post Clinton La on condition that he forfeit 1 month pay and allowances. Chg 1 knapsack, haversack, and canteen

Muster Out
Baton Rouge La
Discharge given at Baton Rouge La with view to payment without return to state.

Descriptive Book
5'7in tall
Dark complexion
Blue eyes
Dark hair
born in Washington Co Ky

Taken part in the following named engagements
Capture of Cumberland Gap 6/18/62
Tazwell TN, Chickasaw Bayou Ms, Arkansas Post 1/6/63, Port Gibson MS 5/1/63, Champion Hill 5/16/63, Blk River Bridge Ms 5/17/63, Seige of Vicksburg, Seige of Jackson, Sabine Cross Roads La 4/8/64.

Is an excellent soldier

Appears on returns as follows
Dec 64 - Jan 65: Absent, Veteran furlough since 12/14/64
MAR 65: Absent on Vet Furlough
Apr 65: Absent without leave since 4/10/65