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The primary mission of this site is to help genealogists and other researchers learn more about the veterans of the American Civil War who served Kentucky for the Union. This site is foot soldier-centric. Much has been written about the Generals and how they administered the war. Over the past several years people have began writing about the individual soldiers. Those men who were pulling triggers and laniards are the ones directly responsible for putting lead and steel on the enemy. While the Generals should be honored and remembered for their duty and sacrifice, so should the Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants. In my humble opinion(some would say it ain't so humble), the Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants deserve more of the credit for the outcome of the "late unpleasantness". While the Generals and other folks with shoulder straps were plotting the war it was the enlisted man that executed the war.

I want this site to be a memorial to all the veterans of the war. By sharing their lives and military records I hope their memory will be preserved for future generations. It seems that we forget to easilly and romanticize the American Civil War to such a point that the whole thing is relegated to fancy. There are people today that have fits about high school football teams called "Rebels" and at the same time make plans for shopping centers and subdivisions(complete with golf courses) over battlefields. If France were to decide to make the beaches at Normandy into water parks we would probably declare war immediately(may not be a bad idea anyway). My great-great-grandfather, William T. Fielder, who fought at Lookout Mountain and Chickamauga was just as critical to the safety and future of our country as my grandfather, Arthur Lee Tackett, who fought at Normandy and Bastogne. Everyone removes their hats, drops their heads, and wipes away the tears at the mention of the World War II veterans and rightly so. I think it may be time to pay the same dues to the other veterans of our wars. I hope this site, in some small way, helps to remind us of the soldier of the American Civil War.