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If you are like I was when attempting to find a Civil War Veteran in my various lines, sometimes you just don't know where to start. I had the luxury and good luck to run into some fine people at the Kentucky Department of Libaries and Archives that helped me far more than I deserved. I am fortunate enough to work near the Archives. You could be anywhere in the world and want to find a Kentucky Veteran. It's a bit of a drive from Kiev to Frankfort Ky and the Atlantic can be a real pain to cross in a Yugo so...Here ya go.

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You will want to format your Fullname search "lastname, firstname". This search will also return records similiar to the name you entered.

I believe all the problems in the database have been cleaned up. If you find something I've missed please drop me a note here and let me know what Veteran you are looking at and I'll have a look. I also found all of the military records and bio information! It's all available now.